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Approved Life Science Electives List for the Biological Sciences Major or Minor- updated April 2019


 Important Updates for Fall 2019!

Newly approved  for Fall 2019  -Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology (11:067:491)

No longer approved as life science electives effective Fall 2018: 11:776:242 PLANT SCIENCE and 11:776:400 FUNGI IN THE ENVIRONMENT- these courses no longer  have Gen Bio electives, required to be a life science elective.

Summer and Winter Session Policy Reminder: Summer Classes of less than 5 weeks or Winter Session courses of 2 or more credits will not count toward the Biological Sciences major or minor. Please meet with an advisor before enrolling in any online, summer or winter course to be sure it will count.

Fundamentals  of Evolution 11:216:251 - summer 2018 will not be accepted. The course runs less than 5 weeks, the minimum permitted.