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Transfer Courses

Transfer Credit Approval Versus Course Evaluations

Transferring credit to Rutgers - New Brunswick requires approval from the student's school. Upon transfer, the relevant department at Rutgers must evaluate the content of the course to determine if it is equivalent to one that they offer. If you have questions about school transfer requirements, please inquire with your school.

Link to SAS Transfer Center 
Link to SEBS Office of Academic Services

Transfer Evaluations for Life Sciences

Current SAS Students looking for transfer credit preapproval, please use this form to submit a syllabus for evaluation by faculty in the Division of Life Science. For previously completed coursework, use this form.  Forms with syllabi (including lecture schedules) may be dropped off at Nelson B112 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  After evaluation is completed by the biological sciences advisor, the form must be submitted to SAS academic services for final approval.

Current SEBS Students looking for transfer credit preapproval, please use this form  and for previously completed coursework, use this form. Please first submit form with course syllabi (including lecture schedules) to Academic Services at Martin Hall Room 203.  They will distribute to appropriate department for course evaluation and contact you when evaluation is complete.

Transfer Requirements for the Division of Life Sciences

Because every department structures their curriculum differently, mixing first year introductory biology courses between multiple schools results in students missing important content. Thus, we require that all semesters of introductory life science coursework be conducted at a single institution. All coursework must be evaluated by the Division of Life Sciences before any equivalent course can be determined. Please meet with an advisor if you have additional questions about this policy.

Any non-Life Sciences course (for example, Chemistry, Physics, or Calculus) must be evaluated by the appropriate department at Rutgers.

Most courses at the New Jersey County and Community Colleges have been evaluated and their Rutgers transfer status listed on NJ Transfer.  

Residency Requirement for Biological Sciences

Students who plan to major in Biological Sciences must keep in mind that a maximum of 16 credits of course work from among General Biology, Genetics, and the Life Sciences electives may be transferred from any institution outside of Rutgers-New Brunswick.  Those students who wish to minor in Biological Sciences are limited to 3 courses taken at institutions outside of Rutgers-New Brunswick.

General Biology at Other Rutgers Campuses


General Biology I with lab (50:120:101 and 107) and
General Biology II with lab (50:120:102 and 108)
(Both semesters must be taken at a single campus)


Concepts in Biology (21:120:200 or 28:120:200, 4 cr) and
Foundations in Ecology and Evolution with lab (28:120:205 and 206, 4 cr) and 
Foundations in Molecular and Cellular Bio with lab (21:120:201 and 202, 4 cr)
(all three semesters with labs must be taken for equivalency to General Biology at New Brunswick)

Please note that "General Biology" at Newark, 21:120:101 and 102 is no longer a class for science majors, effective Fall 2011 and later.

Non-Traditional Courses

Online courses, whether offered by Rutgers or another university, will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine if they will count towards a major in the Biological Sciences. See above for evaluation instructions. Winter session courses of greater than 1 credit will not count for the major. All courses towards the Biological Sciences major/minor must run 5 weeks minimum.