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Course Options for Internship Credit through the DLS

Internship in the Life Sciences (01:119:205 /11:015:205)Internship in the Life Sciences (01:119:205 /11:015:205)

The Internship in the Life Sciences is a 3-credit course, offered through the Division of Life Sciences for students from SAS and SEBS majoring in Biological Sciences or other Life Science majors (with permission), that accompanies participation in a Life Science based internship. Students must complete either the specific hour requirement of their formal internship program or if not designated by internship, a minimum of 112 hours during a summer 12-week period, to receive 3 credits. A professional at the internship site and the course administrator supervise the internship. Students are also required to complete online academic assignments throughout the semester to earn the degree credit.

This purpose of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to develop experience and knowledge regarding the expectations, qualifications, competencies, and responsibilities of professionals working within the life sciences through an internship experience with academic component. Students will integrate knowledge from their life science coursework to the internship experience, develop new skills, and reflect on their learning experience.

 This course does not fulfill major requirements for Biological Sciences. 

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You can also find out about  NJ Life Sciences Positions with the BioNJ Talent Career Portal!


Take a course in Career Exploration specialized for Life Science majors! 

     01:090:210   CAREER EXPLORATIONS IN ARTS AND SCIENCES  (1.5 credits)  

     Section Subtitle: Medicine and Life Sciences/Biology 

     Offered Fall and Spring Semesters! Taught by a DLS faculty member!


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