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 Fall  2022 Course Registration Information

Fall 2022 Registration Schedule 

Course Descriptions- Learn about the DLS courses that are offered! Syllabi available for courses! 

Fall  2022 Wait Lists-  Course closed? What should you do?  Check our wait list link for info about DLS courses and what to do!  

Reminder: If you need an SPN or prereq override for a course the DLS does not teach, we are not able to assist you! Don’t waste valuable time!  Please use the following links for Chemistry, Math, Physics, and Kinesiology & Health  departments for help with their courses or you can check the department website for SEBS courses. 

Reminder: If you are having trouble registering for an open section of a course, please be sure to check whether there are restrictions on that particular section. It may be by spn only, honors only, school specific, or major specific.   Alternatively, you may not have the appropriate pre-reqs.  If you have the prereqs for a DLS course, but they aren’t recognized by webreg, please contact us!  For non-DLS courses, please contact your school's Academic Advising office ( or or department administrative staff from the department that offers the course. 

Please note that not all courses from the various life science departments are approved electives for Biology! Please review the approved course list.

Planning on Research or Honors in Bio in the fall?

 Check out the information at  Research for Credit!


Important Information:

No longer approved as life science electives effective Fall 2018:

11:776:242 PLANT SCIENCE 


These courses no longer have Gen Bio prereqs, required to be a life science elective.

Summer and Winter Session Policy Reminder: Summer Classes of less than 5 weeks or Winter Session courses of 2 or more credits will not count toward the Biological Sciences major or minor. Please meet with an advisor before enrolling in any summer or winter courses to be sure it will count.