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 This course may be used to fulfill the elective requirements of the Biological Sciences major.


Fall     This course is not offered in Fall 2017




Genetics 01:447:380 or Genetic Analysis I 01:447:384 and Gen Bio Lab 01:119:117 or 01:119:102

Course Description 

This course will survey the major features of Eukaryotic genome architecture such as sex chromosomes, organelle genomes, introns and untranslated regions from the view point of population genetics theory. Prior knowledge of introductory population genetics (e.g. Genetics 486 Evolutionary Genetics) would be very helpful, but not required. A refresher on high school mathematics is strongly encouraged for understanding the material in this course.

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Course Satisfies Learning Goals 

Students should know the basic architecture of Eukaryotic genomes, such as autosomes, sex chromosomes and organelle genomes. In addition they should know the basic organization of genes, such as introns, regulatory regions, untranslated regions, codon usage, and how these features evolve over time.

Departmental Goals: Students should use genetic information and ideas to critically analyze published research articles in genetics.

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy 


5% Attendance

5% Class Participation

10% Group Presentation

20% Homework

15% Midterm 1

20% Midterm 2

25% Final exam

Course Materials 

The Origins of Genome Architecture, Michael Lynch

ISBN 978-0-87893-484-3

Course Closed?

This course is not offered Fall 2016.


Dr. Kevin Chen                                                                             

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