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This course is intended for students who plan to major in CBN. Other students with a strong background in the Biological Sciences may register for this course but are advised to take Essentials of Cell Biology & Neuroscience (01:146:295) instead.

This course may be used to fulfill the elective requirements of the Biological Sciences major.






General Biology 119:115-116 or 119:101 -102

Knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry and physics is important to success in this course. This 200 level course is aimed at sophomores and juniors who plan on majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. However, students who take this as their first biology course at Rutgers often struggle. This includes many transfer students plus some freshmen and sophomores with AP credit for General Biology.

Course Description

This course is an intensive and demanding survey of neurobiology. It is the prerequisite for upper level undergraduate courses in neurobiology and is required for students majoring in Cell Biology & Neuroscience.

The primary focus is on the mammalian nervous system. After an introduction to nerve cells and anatomy, the first module of the course covers the topic of neural systems, placing the greatest emphasis on sensory processing. Principles ranging from the molecular events underlying transduction to the neural pathways that process complex information will be covered for hearing, vision, touch, pain, smell, taste and motor control.

The second module covers electrical and chemical signaling in the nervous system. Success in this part of the course requires the ability to master principles of physics and chemistry that apply to the molecular basis of signal generation within and between nerve cells.

The third module includes lectures on developmental neurobiology and higher cognitive processes such as language, emotions and learning. In the end, the focus shifts to behavioral aspects of neuroscience but the emphasis is still on biological mechanisms that are involved in cognition.

Course Syllabus 

Fall 2022 Syllabus

Course Satisfies Departmental Learning Goal(s)

1. Master factual and conceptual knowledge in neuroscience that will provide a solid foundation for success in advanced training and professional careers.

2. Develop an ability to summarize, integrate and organize information.

3. Use scientific reasoning to evaluate the potential for current research and new discoveries to improve our understanding of the nervous system and its relevance to human health and to our society.

Course URL

The course makes use of Canvas, which is a password protected site that is used to post lecture notes, grades and supplementary information.

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy

There will be three exams:

1) neural signaling  2) sensory and motor systems and 3) the changing brain.

The first two exams are given during regularly scheduled class periods, the last exam will be given during final exam week.

Course Materials

Required Text: Neuroscience 6th edition 2018 by Purves et al, published by Sinauer Press ISBN: 978-0-87893-695-3

Course Closed?

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