Studying abroad as a life science major can offer a range of academic, cultural, and personal benefits! Whether you're learning about different cultures in a lab or abroad (or both!), please take the time to consider an experience abroad.  It can enhance your scientific knowledge, provide unique research opportunities, and help you develop crucial skills for a successful scientific career in an increasingly interconnected world. The Division of Life Sciences encourages you plan ahead and become familiar with the resources offered to make your semester or summer abroad possible!

When Should You Plan to Go?

Consult with your major and/or minor advisors  to track your academic progress.  A spring or fall semester abroad, or even a full year abroad  are options that many students have pursued.  There are also programs that take place in the summer and winter breaks that you can choose from, if a semester abroad won't work for your schedule! Studying abroad is a rewarding experience, but does require proper planning.

How to Get Started?

Gather information! Go to the Study Abroad website!  They have videos on Study Abroad 101 and How to Pay for Study Abroad! Meet with one of the study abroad specialist  advisors and learn more about the opportunities that exist! Check out their frequently asked questions site!  To see if these programs/courses can meet any major/minor requirements, consult with your academic advisors. Rutgers Global  has information on funding  your trip abroad and travel requirements!  They even provide information on the  steps to take upon your return!

Funding Your Study Abroad As a DLS Student

You can find sources for funding on the Rutgers Global website. If you are a part of student support organizations (Honors College, EOF, RFS, SSS etc.), please contact their respective offices to secure any additional assistance

The Division of Life Sciences now offers a scholarship for studying abroad. Once you have scheduled your study abroad, be sure to apply through the portal below (or apply upon your return). Students may receive up to $500 awards and will  be featured on this website!  Our goal is to encourage more students to study abroad by hearing from our current students' experience! NOTE: Before applying, be sure to gather the information on the program and courses you plan to take and when. Please prepare a 100 word max response to the prompt: “Why do you want to study abroad as a DLS major?”  You must be a declared major to receive the award!



Our DLS Students' Study Abroad Adventures: 



DLS Recommended Programs

There are many courses and programs to explore on the Rutgers Global website. Your study abroad can be a few weeks to an entire semester or academic year. There are different deadlines and you must plan accordingly. Please review different programs and their requirements (i.e. language proficiency, school year). Below are programs the DLS encourages you to check out! Explore a wide range of  programs and/or courses related to career goals, majors and minors, or an unrelated area of personal interest!