• Graduation Year: 2024

Kritika Singh square

Major: Biological Sciences 

BA/MD Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Medical School Joint Program

How did you decide on your major? 

I chose to major in biological sciences after working at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey at Rutgers, where studying various DNA mechanisms and the intricacies of cancers appealed to my curiosity. I appreciate the limitless possibilities in biological sciences to explore topics ranging from microbiology to biotechnology. Through a more multidisciplinary approach to learning, this major serves an invaluable opportunity in fulfilling my mission of making meaningful contributions to the field of healthcare and scientific research.

What is it about your chosen field (and the department) that appeals to you?

 Aspiring to pursue a career in medicine from a young age, I came into college with a clear path in mind; however, this major offered me the opportunity to delve deeper into my interests. Courses such as genetics and pathogenic microbiology have enriched my journey in medicine, offering valuable insights that I carry with me to this day currently as a medical student.

Do you have favorite class/professor within your major?

My favorite class at Rutgers was Introduction to Research in Molecular Biology. This was my very first biology course as a freshman in college, and while it was a challenging course, I appreciated the complexity of the learnings and its connection with hands-on lab work. Through this course, I knew that the biological sciences major would prepare me for the rigors of medical school and beyond.

What are your favorite academic experiences outside of your major?

My favorite academic experience outside of my major was working as a Supplemental Instructor for the Office of Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS) at Rutgers. Teaching students who share my passion for the health sciences and developing learning strategies to simplify complex subjects was an immensely fulfilling experience.

What are your other Rutgers activities?

Outside of the classroom, I like to explore design thinking and the innovation space in biomedical sciences. At Rutgers, I served as the Vice President for Education and Director of Membership for the Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) at Rutgers and helped found a Design for America (DFA) chapter. Through facilitating design labs, hackathons, and other hands-on opportunities, I helped educate my peers about the powerful potential of innovation strategies in tackling complex social challenges. Additionally, I enjoy community service, volunteering as a contact tracer during the COVID-19 pandemic and at hospice.

What are your plans following graduation?

I am currently a first-year medical student as part of the BA/MD Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Joint  program and look forward to continuing my journey towards becoming a physician scientist!

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