• Sneha Kandalgaonkar
  • Sneha Kandalgaonkar
  • Graduation Year: 2025
  • Major: Genetics
  • Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ
  • Career Interest: Being able to help people in their most vulnerable moment is very meaningful to me and a great source of satisfaction. Working in healthcare jobs, either through volunteering at health screenings or as an EMT, has allowed me to help people when they need it most and encourages me to pursue this journey, despite how long and difficult it can be.
  • Fun Fact: I am an EMT and ride on a volunteer squad in my hometown.
  • What was your favorite class and why?:

    My favorite class so far was a Genetics major elective called "Implications of New Genetics" 01:447:354.

  • What other Rutgers activities and extracurricular activities do you participate in?:

    I am a chemistry teaching intern and have helped facilitate Active Learning Workshop for General Chemistry 161 and 162 for the past three semesters. I am also the Digital Media Coordinator and incumbent President of Rutgers chapter of American Preventive Screening and Education Association (APSEA), a nonprofit organization that runs free health screenings in New Brunswick and central New Jersey. I work in Dr. Michael Verzi's research lab at the Human Genetics Institute and have completed the Aresty RA program and received the SURF fellowship while working in his lab for the past two years. I am also part of the Douglass Residential College and am currently part of the "Global Leaders at Douglass" program that will travel to Kuwait this winter break!