• The purpose of this course is to introduce the biological world. It is intended that students completing this course will have knowledge of the biological world and the ability to understand material written for a non-scientific audience in any area of biology. It includes a laboratory, many of which are outside, to expose students to biology in a hands-on manner.
  • Semester Offered: Fall
  • Credits: 4 (includes lab)
  • Course URL: Canvas
  • Core Curriculum: NS

This course CANNOT be used to fulfill the requirements of the Biological Sciences major.



Topics include:

Evolution - natural selection & human evolution
Ecology - population & community ecology, animal diversity
Plant biology - structure/reproduction & photosynthesis
Genetics - meiosis/mitosis and development
Cell & Molecular biology
Human Physiology - nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular & digestion systems

Course Syllabus

Fall 2023 Syllabus

Course Satisfies Learning Goals

  1. To understand biology as a framework of related concepts.  Student should appreciate not only the connections within biology but also the connections between biology and other scientific disciplines.
  2. To be conversant in general biological, ecological, evolutionary biology and human physiological concepts that will allow students to read newspapers and participate in informed discussions

SAS Area of Inquiry

  • Understand and apply basic principles and concepts in the physical or biological sciences.
  • Explain and be able to assess the relationship among assumptions, method, evidence, arguments, and theory in scientific analysis.

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy

Three hourly exams     (128 points each)
In-lecture Quizzes        (100 points)
Laboratory                    (349 points)
Total                              (833 points)

Course Materials

Required Lab Manual: Lab Manual for Principles of Biology (new edition each year) 

Course Closed?

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