• Effective communication skills are critical for the scientist within and outside of the disciplines. Whether writing a paper, submitting a grant proposal, speaking to other scientists or teaching a class, scientists must communicate. This course will help develop the basic skills that students can use to communicate science to a variety of audiences, as well as will provide support for Honors students completing their research thesis.
  • Semester Offered: Spring
  • Credits: 1


Honors in Biology  119:408 or GH COOK Scholars (with permission). 

Course Description

Spring Syllabus 2023

Course Satisfies Departmental Learning Goal(s)

I. To acquire the appropriate factual and conceptual knowledge that provides students with a foundation to further their education and career in the areas of life science or health science. Students will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge (ex. identify, define, explain…) of the concepts, practices and principles that comprise the biological sciences.

IV. To develop critical thinking and problems solving skills appropriate to prepare students to evaluate, synthesize and generate knowledge that provides them with a competitive advantage to adapt to an evolving, global, and knowledge based society. Students will beable to demonstrate application of higher order thinking (ex. classify, diagnosis, evaluate, synthesize, hypothesize…). Students will develop an understanding of not only the connections within biology but also the connections between biology and other scientific disciplines.

Course Learning Goals

1. Understand the purposes of different scientific written forms.
2. Understand how scientists communicate: systems, issues, and goals of scientific
3. Improve science communication skills: written and oral.
4. Develop greater fluency and confidence in reading and evaluating scientific literature.

Course URL

 There is a Canvas course site.

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy

Grades based on peer review/class participation (30%) and revision and completion of various components of written thesis and oral presentation by scheduled deadlines ( 70%) . See syllabus for details.

Course Materials

All course materials will be available on Canvas or handed out in class.

Course Closed?

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 Dr. Anne Carr-Schmid

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