• Honors in Biology¬† is intended to provide highly motivated students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a scientific research project. Students engage in laboratory and/or field experimentation under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor. Each student is expected to complete his/her own original research project. "Hands-on" laboratory exposure is an essential component of this course. Honors in Biology projects are expected to be more sophisticated than Research in Biology projects and must be accompanied by an Honors Thesis and Oral Thesis defense.
  • Semester Offered: Fall, Spring
  • Credits: 3- 6

Course Registration Contract and Guidelines:

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Course Syllabus

 2023-2024 Syllabus

Course Satisfies Departmental Learning Goals

  • To understand and develop an appreciation for research as the basis of scientific study.
  • To understand and to appreciate the process of science. To acquire the ability to use scientific reasoning as embodied by the structured process commonly known as the scientific method.

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy

Students must complete a minimum of 6 credits to qualify for Departmental Honors (3 fall/ 3 spring). Students must submit a 10 page progress report at the end of the first semester and a written thesis accompanied by an oral presentation and thesis-defense in the second semester. The thesis committee must be composed of at least three faculty members, including the research advisor and at least one member of the SAS Division of Life Sciences faculty.


Course Coordinator:

Dr. Anne Carr-Schmid

Director of Advising, Biological Sciences
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** All information is subject to change at the discretion of the course coordinator.