Course Descriptions

01:447:380 GENETICS (SECTIONS 1- 15, HONORS)

This course is intended for Life Science majors or those with a strong background in the Biological Sciences.

This course is a CORE requirement for the Biological Sciences major.


Fall, Spring, and Summer




General Biology 01:119:115-116 or 01:119:101-102 and General Chemistry 01:160:161-162 or 01:160:163-164

Course Description

This is a 4-credit course which surveys the basic concepts of genetics. There are 2 lectures of 80 minutes each and one 50 minute recitation per week.

We plan to start the course with a study of DNA structure and manipulation followed by a detailed examination of classical genetics experiments beginning with those of Mendel. Further lectures in the course will focus on some of the details of molecular genetics, developmental genetics, and population genetics.

The topics to be covered will include:

  • Introduction to Molecular Genetics
  • DNA Structure and Manipulation
  • Mendelian Genetics
  • Sex-chromosomes and Sex-linkage
  • Genetic Linkage and Chromosome Mapping
  • DNA Replication and Recombination
  • Molecular Organization of Chromosomes
  • Human Karyotypes and Chromosome Behavior
  • Microbial Genetics
  • Gene Expression
  • Regulation of Gene Expression
  • Genomics, Proteomics and Transgenics
  • Genetic Control of Development
  • Mutations and DNA Repair
  • Genetics of Cell Cycle and Cancer
  • Mitochondrial DNA and Extranuclear Inheritance
  • Population Genetics
  • Quantitative Genetics

Course Syllabus

Spring 2019 Syllabus

Course URL


Any notices regarding the course will be posted on the web-site. The students should access the web-site on a regular basis.

Course Satisfies Departmental Learning Goals

This course presents the fundamental terms, concepts and theories of genetics. In addition, key experimental results that contributed to the development of the field of genetics are discussed.

 Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy

There will be 3 exams during the semester (100 points each).

  • Exams (300 points)
  • Recitations (110 points)
  • Class participation (50 points)
  • Writing assignments (40 points)

Total = 500 possible points

Course Materials

Required text: Benjamin A. Pierce, Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, 5th edition

ISBN: 978-1-4641-0946-1

Course Closed?

If this course is closed , please use the following link to add your name to the appropriate wait list: Wait List Sign Up for Spring 2023 Courses . If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Life Science - Office of Undergraduate Instruction at 848-445-2075 or visit our office at Nelson Labs B112, Busch Campus.


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