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This course is intended for Life Science majors or those with a strong background in the Biological Sciences. This course is a CORE requirement for the Biological Sciences major. 


 Fall, Spring, and Summer  




General Biology 01:119:115-116 or 01:119:101-102 and General Chemistry 01:160:161-162 or 160:163-164  

Course Description  

The goals of this course are to introduce students to: 

1) A body of genetic information and how this information was generated via experimentation 

2) Using logic and reasoning to solve genetics-based problems These goals will be accomplished through lectures, recitation discussions, assigned reading, and most importantly, working through problems in the problem sets and text book. The best test of whether a student is mastering the material at an adequate level is the ability to solve problems.

 Topics include:

Chromosome Segregation and Independent Assortment · Mitosis and Meiosis · Deviations from Mendelian Inheritance Patterns · Linkage · DNA Structure and Replication · Cytogenetics · Transcription and Translation · Mutation · Transposable Elements · Recombination · Recombinant DNA Technology · Genomics · Gene Regulation · Quantitative Genetics · Population Genetics

Course Syllabus

Spring 2018 Syllabus

 Course URL

 A Sakai site will be available at the beginning of the semester  

Course Satisfies Departmental Learning Goals  

This course presents the fundamental terms, concepts and theories of genetics. In addition, key experimental results that contributed to the development of the field of genetics are discussed.   

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy 

Grades will come from 2-3 exams, performance in recitations, and participation in in-class quizzes and in-class discussions. 

Course Materials  

Required Text: Benjamin A. Pierce, Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, 6th edition 

ISBN= 1319088694 for the loose-leaf version, and 1319050964 for the hardcover version,

 Course Closed?

 If this course is closed, please DO NOT contact the instructor for a special permission number. Please use the following link to add your name to the appropriate wait list: Wait List Sign Up for Fall 2018 Courses . If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Life Science - Office of Undergraduate Instruction at 848-445-2075 or visit our office at Nelson Labs B112, Busch Campus.


 Dr. R. Michaelis 

** All information is subject to change at the discretion of the course coordinator.