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Genetics 01:447:380 or Genetic Analysis I 01:447:384 and Gen Bio Lab 01:119:117 or 01:119:102 

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Although evolutionary biology has important implications for the medical concepts of health, "normal" physiology and illness, it has been widely ignored in medicine. Every evolutionary advance may sometimes promote health and other times cause illness. This course is a survey of scientific and social implications of current ideas and controversies of evolutionary medicine for clinical and public health.

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Departmental Goals:

1. Knowledge specific goals: Know the terms, concepts and theories in genetics.

2. Integrate the material from multiple courses and research. That is, to think holistically and to see the whole as well as the parts.

This course may fulfill the SAS - Core Curriculum Goals:

21st century Challenges. Analyze the relationship that science and technology have to a contemporary social issue.). however this is still in committee

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Registration is by special permission number only. If this course is closed, please contact Kathleen McDonald in the Genetics Undergraduate Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to obtain special permission to register. Students wishing to take the course after registration closes should also contact Kathleen.


Dr. J. Wilkins

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