Course Descriptions

Research in Biology 119:307, 308, 406, 407

These courses are open to Biological Sciences majors and minors who want to extend their learning experience by participating in a scientific research project.  Research experience is recommended for all students intending to pursue post-graduate studies.

Upon approval, up to 6 credits total of Independent Study in Biology, Research in Biology, and Honors in Biology courses may be used towards fulfillment of the Biological Sciences elective requirement.

119:307 or higher may be used towards fulfilling only one of the Biological Sciences laboratory requirements  (three labs total are required for the major).


Fall, Spring, and Summer


1- 4  per semester by permission of the Director of Advising (4-5 hours of work per week per credit required).


Open only to Biological Sciences majors and minors or by special permission. Minimum cumulative GPA or  2.8 required.

In order to register for research in Biological Sciences, students must submit 1) a one page research proposal and 2) a research application signed by the student's research mentor. The proposal must include: necessary background material, a specific hypothesis to be tested, a description of the data that the student will collect,  and expected results.

Course Description

Research in Biology is intended to provide students with an opportunity to experience the scientific discovery process. Students engage in laboratory and/or field experimentation under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor. Each student is expected to carry out his/her own research project. "Hands-on" laboratory exposure is an essential component of this course.

Course Research Contract and Information:

Research in Biology Contract

Course Syllabus

Research in Biology Syllabus 2018

Course Satisfies Departmental Learning Goals

3. To understand and develop an appreciation for research as the basis of scientific study.

4. To understand and to appreciate the process of science. To acquire the ability to use scientific reasoning as embodied by the structured process commonly known as the scientific method.

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy

A written research paper in the format of a paper submitted to a leading journal in the field is required at the end of each registration period. The research paper should include an Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results (data should be presented in figure and/or tabular form), Discussion and References. A minimum of 10 pages is required. The research summary must be graded by the faculty mentor prior to submission to the Director of Advising.



Course Coordinator:

Dr. Anne Carr-Schmid

Director of Advising, Biological Sciences
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** All information is subject to change at the discretion of the course coordinator.