Course Descriptions

Independent Study in Biology 01:119:201, 202

These courses are open to Biological Sciences majors and minors who want to extend their learning experience by completing an in-depth library research project (119:201, 202).

Upon approval, up to 6 credits of Independent Study and Research in Biology and Honors in Biology courses may be used towards fulfillment of the Biological Sciences elective requirement.


Fall, Spring, and Summer


1- 3 per semester by permission of the Office of Undergraduate Instruction ( 10 pages per credit).


Open only to Biological Sciences majors and minors. Minimum GPA = 2.8 required..

Course Description

Independent Study in Biology(119:201/202) is intended to augment the curriculum by giving students an opportunity to expand their studies into areas not specifically addressed by the formal course offerings. Students work under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor to delve into a subject of mutual interest.

Course Application and Information:

Independent Study Contract

 Course Syllabus:

Independent Study in Biology Syllabus 2018

Course Satisfies Departmental Learning Goals

119:201,202: To understand and to appreciate the process of science. To acquire the ability to use scientific reasoning as embodied by the structured process commonly known as the scientific method.

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy

Independent Study in Biology: A term paper in appropriate scientific format, including a full bibliography (citing peer-reviewed primary and secondary sources) is due at the end of the registration period. The term paper should be at least 10 pages per registered credit and must be graded by the faculty advisor prior to submission to the Director of Advising.



Course Coordinator:

Dr. Anne Carr-Schmid

Director of Advisng, Biological Sciences
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** All information is subject to change at the discretion of the course coordinator.