Course Descriptions

01:447:415 Thesis Writing and Communication


This course is open only to seniors in the Genetics departmental honors program majors.






Concurrent registration in 447:409 (or equivalent college-based Honors Program); By special permission number only.

Course Description

Assists students with their honors project. Emphasis will be on analysis of research data and writing the discussion. Student will be expected to complete their results and discussion sections of their thesis. Students will also prepare both a fifteen minute platform talk and a much longer talk for their thesis defense. Finally, they will prepare a poster that explains their research to the general public.

Course Syllabi

Course Syllabus Sp 2021

Course Satisfies Genetics Departmental Learning Goals

(1) Effectively incorporate critiques from peers and faculty in their revision of written and oral communication,
(2) Effectively describe their research, using relevant discipline-specific terminology with precision, accuracy & purpose,
(3) Accurately and effectively present advanced scientific concepts through oral presentations and poster formats.

Course Satisfies SAS Core Learning Goals:

Writing and Communication, Revision (WCr)

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy

Grades will be based on attendance, participation/presentation,  and homework. Since this course requires participation and presentations, attendance is mandatory.

Course Materials

No required textbook

Course Closed?

Registration is by  spn only.  This course is only for Genetics majors. Please contact the Genetics Department undergraduate office for an  spn


Dr. Chris Rongo

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