Course Descriptions

This course is intended for Life Science majors or those with a strong background in the Biological Sciences. 
This course MAY NOT be used to fulfill the elective requirements of the Biological Sciences major. 





Junior and  Seniors with 3.4 HPO Science GPA (or with special permission)

Application required ( see below)

Course Description:

The Clinical Practicum in Community Health Professions is a semester long course offered through the Division of Life Sciences. Students must complete 8-10 hours per week over a 12-week period (112 hour minimum). A professional at the internship and the course instructor supervises the internship. Students are also required to attend 13 weekly 1 hour and 20 minute academic sessions.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to develop advanced knowledge of and reflect on the qualifications, competencies and responsibilities of healthcare providers through an internship experience and academic component. Students will integrate knowledge from their life science coursework to the health care setting and reflect on their experiences. Students are expected to develop an appreciation of the various factors that influence patient-physician interactions, health and well-being of patients and current issues in healthcare.


Course URL

Canvas Course Site

Course Satisfies Learning Goals

Departmental Learning Goals:

I. To acquire the appropriate factual and conceptual knowledge that provides students with a foundation to further their education and career in the areas of life science or health science. Students will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge (ex. identify, define, explain…) of the concepts, practices and principles that comprise the biological sciences

IV. To develop critical thinking and problem solving skills appropriate to prepare students to evaluate, synthesize and generate knowledge that provides them with a competitive advantage to adapt to an evolving, global, and knowledge-based society. Students will be able to demonstrate application of higher order thinking (ex. classify diagnosis, evaluate, synthesize, hypothesize…). Students will develop an understanding of not only the connections within biology but also the connections between biology and other scientific disciplines.

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy

J Please see attached  syllabus for details.

Course Materials

Will be provided on Canvas course site. No assigned textbook.



Course Closed?

This course is only by special permission from Dr. Carr-Schmid. Please review the syllabus and application for information about applying.



Dr. A. Carr-Schmid

Nelson Biological Laboratories, Room B112

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


** All information is subject to change at the discretion of the course coordinator.