An increasing number of students are entering the profession through less traditional paths. Specifically, these involve applying to hospital MT programs as either a"Fifth Year" or"Post-Graduate" student. These are discussed separately below.

First Year Study

  1. Meet with an advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Instruction (OUGI), located in Room B-112 at the Nelson Biological Laboratories on Busch Campus, to ensure you are registered for recommended courses.
  2. Register with the Health Professions Office (HPO), located in the Room A207 at the Nelson Biological Laboratories on Busch Campus.

Sophomore Year

  1. Meet with your academic advisor (OUGI) to discuss your progress.
  2. During the second semester of your sophomore year, examine a list of approved hospitals:

    Contact each program and decide which best suits your needs. Consider location, availability of housing, curriculum and schedule.

  3. The MT hospital programs require recommendations, so begin to ask faculty members and/or graduate teaching assistants to send letters of recommendation to the HPO. At minimum of three letters are required, two of which should be from science instructors. It is a good idea to request letters within 3 weeks of completing a course.

Summer Between Sophomore and Junior Year

  1. Check with the Medical Technology Advisor in the OUGI to verify that your file is complete (transcript, three letters of recommendation). Follow up on missing letters of recommendation where necessary, and request practicum applications directly from the hospital. Let the Med Tech Advisor know where you intend to apply.

Junior Year

  1. At the start of junior year, submit completed applications to the hospital(s) that you have selected. Most application deadlines occur in September and October, but it is your responsibility to check each hospital's application deadline individually.
  2. During the months of October and November, hospitals that are considering your admittance will contact you for personal interviews. Generally, a brief tour of the hospital facilities is included with the interview day. Typically, hospitals notify students of acceptance by December.
  3. Inform the Medical Technologies advisor in OUGI of your final selection by providing him/her with a copy of your letter of acceptance. This is important because it is the only way to ensure that the advisor's office is aware of which hospital you will be attending during your senior year.
  4. By the completion of the junior and prior to beginning the senior year clinical practicum in June or August, all students must have completed the following:
    • 90 credits toward graduation
    • All major requirements except the clinical practicum
    • All area distribution and minor requirements at SAS
    • Maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.500 overall AND in biology, chemistry, and mathematics courses

Senior Year

  1. Clinical internships begin in June, July, or August. You must be enrolled at Rutgers University in 06:660:485, 486 (Clinical Practicum in Medical Technology). See the OUGI advisor for a special permission number. Students should first pay the hospital their fees, and you will be credited that amount by Rutgers. The outstanding balance must be paid in full to Rutgers (see Tuition Policy below).
  2. Fall semester grades for senior year are often assigned a temporary grade because the hospital MT program does not coincide with the standard academic calendar.
  3. Because of the lack of coordination between the 12-month MT clinical practicum and the 10-month academic calendar, MT students do not complete their degree requirements in time for a May graduation. Students receive a degree dated in October after their senior year. Consult your senior dean at SAS for policies on the graduation ceremonies you are eligible to attend. Students allowed to walk with their academic class prior to full completion of their clinical practicum receive a blank degree. A letter from the hospital program's Educational Coordinator indicating a student's satisfactory progress is required for participation.

Tuition Policy Senior Year

Typically, the hospital tuition is payable on or before the starting date of the senior practicum. Obtain a receipt from the hospital. You will receive credit on your Rutgers bill up to the extent of the hospital's tuition. If the hospitals tuition is more than a single semester's tuition, you will be credited on second semester's tuition for costs beyond the first semester. Be certain you save all receipts. While current hospitals tuitions are less than the University's tuition, if hospital tuitions become greater than the University tuition, the individual student is responsible for the difference.

Do not pay the University first! The University cashier cannot reimburse the hospital. If you have any questions, please call the Medical Technologies advisor in OUGI so that we can assist you.

Post Senior Year

During the third week of July and third week of August after the completion of your clinical practicum, students take the NCACLS (National Certification Agency for Clinical Laboratory Scientists) and/or Board of Registry (ASCP) Certification Exams respectively. In order for the certification agencies to release the results of these exams, formal notification that the student has completed all degree requirements and either has a college degree or is guaranteed the degree in October is required. The University Registrar will send a letter confirming the student's degree upon request of the student.


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