An increasing number of students are entering the profession through less traditional paths. Specifically, these involve applying to hospital MT programs as either a "Fifth Year" or "Post-Graduate" student. These are discussed separately below.

First Year Study

Students can make arrangements to extend their undergraduate study by one year. They can then enter the clinical practicum during their fifth year of undergraduate study and receive a degree in Medical Technology after five years. This is a particularly good option for students that: a) enter college with admissions conditions b) transfer into Rutgers with a significant number of credits not applicable to the major, or c) have had to repeat one or more science courses. 

Post-Graduate Student

This option is for students who complete an undergraduate major other than Medical Technology and then apply to clinical programs after graduation. Most of these students have completed a Biological Sciences major, since there is a high degree of overlap between the requirements for this and for Medical Technology (see below). The year of professional training in a clinical laboratory qualifies such students for the recognized certification examinations required by the institutions employing medical technologists.

Most MT programs will recognize the following as minimal prerequisite coursework. Students are advised to check with the individual clinical programs for additional requirements. 

  • English Composition
  • One college-level mathematics course
  • 16 credits in Biological Sciences, including Microbiology and Immunology
  • 16 credits of Chemistry
  • A baccalaureate degree from a 4-yr. College

The advantages of this latter alternative are that:

  • Hospital tuition is often less than the Rutgers University tuition resulting a savings for the 5th year
  • Hospitals other than those affiliated with Rutgers University will consider a student's application
  • Students have two credentials – a college degree in a selected major and an MT certificate from the MT Hospital Program

The disadvantages are:

  •  The student does not receive a college degree in MT
  • A fifth year study is required

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