Rutgers-New Brunswick/Piscataway provides students with a diverse set of educational opportunities in the area of life sciences through majors offered by both the Division of Life Sciences (DLS) of the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) and the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS). SAS offers majors that focus on biology and its application to biomedicine, while SEBS offers majors that focus on the biological sciences as applied to the natural world. As indicated on the majors list below, selected majors are available to students in both schools. Prospective students unsure of which area of the biological/life sciences they wish to pursue are advised to apply to both SAS and SEBS. An intensive advising program, jointly sponsored by SAS and SEBS, will be available to incoming students interested in the biological and life sciences. The purpose of this advising program is to assist students with making an informed major and career choice.

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MajorSchool of Arts and SciencesSchool of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Agriculture and Food Systems   X
Animal Sciences   X
Biochemistry   X
Biological Sciences X X
Biotechnology   X
Cell Biology and Neuroscience X  
Chemistry ( Option in Chemical Biology ) X  
Ecology and Natural Resources X X
Environmental Sciences   X
Exercise Science and Sport Studies X X
Food Science   X
Genetics X  
Marine Sciences X X
Microbiology X X
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry X  
Nutritional Sciences   X
Plant Science   X
Psychology ( Option in Behavioral Neuroscience ) X  


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